Blend Set-Up, 9156

Position: Blend Set-Up

Job Requisition ID#: 9156

Job Description (including wages, shift, if needed):

1.            Responsible for the staging of cheese barrels.

2.            Record keeping of all lot numbers used for the ingredients and barrels of cheese.

3.            Must be able to hang barrels and assist with barrel grinding and giving breaks in area.

4.            Maintaining fat tank full of butterfat.

5.            Must be able to operate a forklift and maintain a license.

6.            Must be able to organize multiple tasks.

7.            Able to work in a safe and proficient manner.

8.            Perform miscellaneous sanitation duties as assigned by your supervisor.

9.            Report all food safety problems to your immediate supervisor or their designated replacement.

10.          Other duties as assigned by your supervisor or lead person.


Shift - 3rd shift 

Salary - 16.07-18.90

Qualifications/Skills Required:

  1.                    Must demonstrate excellent verbal communication skills.
  2.                    Must be able to follow written communication.
  3.                    Must demonstrate a commitment to both food and employee safety.
  4.                    Must be capable of operate a forklift and maintain a license.
  5.                    Must be capable of lifting & carry from floor to waist 40 – 80 lbs. frequently.
  6.                    Must be capable of lifting & carrying 40-50 lbs. from floor to waist frequently.



Preferred Qualifications/Skills:


  1.        Previous experience with sanitation equipment would be a plus.
  2.        Previous Blend Set-Up experience/and or knowledge would be a plus
  3.        Previous lead/and or supervisor experience would be a plus
  4.        Previous food plant manufacturing experience would be a plus.
  5.        Previous forklift experience would be a plus.
  6.        Previous plant manufacturing experience would be a plus.


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2/7/2020 2:18 PM
i wonder if the position is still avilable ?